“Recoverable Items” Very Large

Have you come across a mailbox during a move or during mailbox issue whereby the mailbox size is very large? Then when you check the mailbox folders size and find that the “Recoverable Items” are enormous. This issue had arise in Exchange 2010 SP2 RU2.  Usually in the later versions, […]

Deleting Emails from a Mailbox

Have you ever been in a situation whereby a client, friend, colleague, Executives etc. sends or receives and email and all of the sudden, the world comes to an end and you need to remove those emails. Today, I would like to run through some commands which can aid you […]

Using Mailbox Repair Request in Exchange Server 2010, 2013

Description: Mailbox Repair use to check corrupted mailbox and attempts to repair it. This blog covers the process to repair corrupt mailbox using Mailbox Repair Request in Exchange Server 2010, 2013. Mailbox repair is a method in which the systems checks a mailbox or Database for a corrupted mailbox and attempts […]

Locating ActiveSyncDevices

Today we look at how to identify mobile devices connecting to a mailbox. When we talk about ActiveSyncDevices, it any mobile devices I.E IPADS, Phones, PDA’s etc. When you decide to configure your email on the units, you configure them through an application. During the process, you get a security […]

Exchange – Database Availability Groups

Today we look at Database Availability Groups. Database Availability Groups is set up for fail-over, replication and / or High Availability if you want to call it. Let me paint you a picture. Take a DAG, which may have 4 stores. It is good to have a few stores to […]

IIS SMTP Relay Services

I would like to talk about the IIS SMTP Relay Service. We have a lot of customer which uses CRM, SAP, and Marketing Application and so on to send out bulk emails. Sometimes monthly statements. What happens when you your mail provider has a limit which most providers do? Firstly, […]

Retention Policies

We now look into the default retention rules which Office 365 offers. It is called MRM. These policies are applied when you enable In-Place Archive on the mailboxes. Always remember, if you apply the In-Place Archive in preparation to migrate to Office 365, when you import or migrate the emails […]

Exchange Connections and Proxy Servers

I had come across a client whereby they were running the following: Backend Exchange 2010 with the latest CU Clients has Outlook 2016 with the latest updates IPAD with Outlook client Issue: The PA had been given rights to the managements calendar only with owner permissions. Once the permissions were […]

Obtain Client IP Connecting to the Mailbox

With brute force attack in today’s time, mailboxes are no longer safe with an average password. When you have a hunch that your mailbox may have been compromised, firstly reset the password to the mailbox. Secondly, you may want to obtain the client IP connecting to the mailbox. How to […]