Office 365 vs Microsoft 365

Office 365 has traditional applications like Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint with Exchange Online mailboxes. You can also get add-ons. Then to expand, it is broken into plans. Business, Enterprise and Education. Office 365 Business It is a low cost plan to provide essentials services. However, this cannot be activate […]

Office 365 IP Addresses and URLs

With Office 365 growing as well as Microsoft Data Centers deploying into more countries, the network range is expanding with IPv4, IPv6 etc. The umbrella is becoming larger and how do you keep up to date with what is use currently. Microsoft has launched a document which allows you now […]

Conditional Mail Routing

Conditional Mail Routing is required when you would like to route emails to multiple locations. When an email is sent through the internet, the sending server looks at the DNS Record called MX Record. That tell the mail server where to connect and deliver to. Then the email will be […]

Locating ActiveSyncDevices

Today we look at how to identify mobile devices connecting to a mailbox. When we talk about ActiveSyncDevices, it any mobile devices I.E IPADS, Phones, PDA’s etc. When you decide to configure your email on the units, you configure them through an application. During the process, you get a security […]

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

With a lot of consumers moving into the cloud. Office 365 has been prepared to assist in configuring, migrating and also troubleshooting. Not a lot of people I came across during issues with Office 365, either setup, configuring a profile or recreating a profile uses this tool but has been […]

Disabling an Exchange Online Plan

Exchange online is Office 365 mailbox service plans. There are two service plans: Exchange Online (Plan 1) and Exchange Online (Plan 2). Microsoft over the last 6 months has added additional licensing which is binded with the Exchange Online Plans. These plans are: Outlook Customer Manager and Microsoft Bookings. Let […]