Locating ActiveSyncDevices

Today we look at how to identify mobile devices connecting to a mailbox. When we talk about ActiveSyncDevices, it any mobile devices I.E IPADS, Phones, PDA’s etc. When you decide to configure your email on the units, you configure them through an application. During the process, you get a security […]

Disabling an Exchange Online Plan

Exchange online is Office 365 mailbox service plans. There are two service plans: Exchange Online (Plan 1) and Exchange Online (Plan 2). Microsoft over the last 6 months has added additional licensing which is binded with the Exchange Online Plans. These plans are: Outlook Customer Manager and Microsoft Bookings. Let […]

Retention Policies

We now look into the default retention rules which Office 365 offers. It is called MRM. These policies are applied when you enable In-Place Archive on the mailboxes. Always remember, if you apply the In-Place Archive in preparation to migrate to Office 365, when you import or migrate the emails […]

Whitelisting / Blacklisting Limit Reached

With the amount of spam we are getting today, whitelisting and blacklisting of emails addresses or domains is a norm. Whitelisting / Blacklisting is when you either want to allow / deny an email / domain from sending you an email. Most mail filters can do this at a domain […]

Mailbox Usage Report

As a lot of clients are moving onto Office 365. As an Administrator, at some point you will need to check the Mailbox Usage for all mailboxes. To obtain Mailbox Usage on Exchange Online. When you log onto the GUI, you will only be able to see the licenses assigned. […]