SNMP – WMI Configuration

Simple Network Management Protocol. A form of protocol which is used to collect and organize information about devices. There is a very simple method of configuring this. I have worked with a number of platforms, however, currently I am working with Auvik. Very simple platform and the jobs get done. […]

SQL 2014 In-Place Upgrade To SQL 2017

This is an in-place upgrade. Which means you will be able to upgrade to a later version using the same SQL key. Ensure you know the version. If you are not sure, you can go to SQL configuration manager > SQL Server Services > SQL Server <Database name> . Right […]

DHCP – Export Machine MAC Addresses via Powershell

Here is a look at DHCP server. A DHCP server is a server which hands out IP addresses to devices. When you have a few machines, it is easy to get the information I.E Mac Address, IP Addresses etc. however, when you have a large amount machines, Powershell is the […]

IIS SMTP Relay Services

I would like to talk about the IIS SMTP Relay Service. We have a lot of customer which uses CRM, SAP, and Marketing Application and so on to send out bulk emails. Sometimes monthly statements. What happens when you your mail provider has a limit which most providers do? Firstly, […]