Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

With a lot of consumers moving into the cloud. Office 365 has been prepared to assist in configuring, migrating and also troubleshooting. Not a lot of people I came across during issues with Office 365, either setup, configuring a profile or recreating a profile uses this tool but has been […]

Outlook 2016 Temp Mailbox Error

Office 365 is taking the world by storm. However, the road is never smooth. Recently, we have come across a major bug issue which causes the Outlook profile to get corrupted. How this happens? When you setup Outlook, there are protocols it follows in order to auto detect the server […]

Outlook Calendar Services RoadMap

Outlook calendar Service (Ignite 2018 Review). Microsoft held their ignite session and I would talk about some features which will coming soon. This impact clients on Office 365 primarily while it will be pushed down to on-premise deployments as a later stage. I had summarized the important bits for client […]

Opening A Published Calendar In Outlook

Opening a calendar in Outlook is straight forward. Always ensure that you have the published URL’s. If you opening a published calendar from Exchange, you should have two links. One is an .ICS file and the other is a .Html. The Html is used for viewing the published calendar via […]

Meeting Invites Tracking Not Updating

When you work in an environment whereby meetings controls the base operations of your company, it is imperative to ensure who is coming for the meeting is important as well as the boardroom which you have selected has Accepted or Declined. Meeting you know if the room is available. I […]

OneCalendar App – Viewing Multiple Calendars

Calendar management has become a large part of everyone’s day to day guidance. With lots of people moving towards to Exchange Mailboxes. With Exchange Mailboxes comes calendar sharing. We have seen often whereby Outlook takes beating because you are sending emails, contacts and even maybe you have “Delegated Access”. For […]

Exchange 2010 Active Sync Protocol

I thought I would share some information on Exchange Active Sync. I came across whereby a client wanted to know why they are not able to view an attachment in the calendar meeting via a mobile device, however, by going to the Outlook or Outlook Web Access, it works. This […]