OneCalendar App – Viewing Multiple Calendars

Calendar management has become a large part of everyone’s day to day guidance. With lots of people moving towards to Exchange Mailboxes. With Exchange Mailboxes comes calendar sharing. We have seen often whereby Outlook takes beating because you are sending emails, contacts and even maybe you have “Delegated Access”. For […]

Downloading Address Book Error

Recently I assisted a client to migrate to Office 356. They had decided to move their own data. They setup the new mailboxes and then attempted importing the PST’s from old mailboxes. During that process, we added additional Distribution lists and members. The client could locate it on the web […]

Search and Delete Messages

From time to time, administrators need to search for and delete inappropriate or potentially harmful e-mail messages sent to multiple mailboxes across their organization. For example, e-mail messages can contain viruses or links to download a virus, inappropriate content, such as adult-related material, or confidential information that was accidentally sent […]

Enabling an Auto-reply (Out Of Office)

As an Administrator on Exchange, we need from time to time to assist a user/s with adding an Out of Office for them. Usually, we would recommend the user/s to add it via Outlook. However, there are cases whereby we have to do it. How to we get access to […]

Exchange 2013 and Outlook SCP

Hi, Exchange 2013 and Outlook SCP Issues. One of my specialties is migrating clients between various platforms. One of the main things we come across is when someone has an Exchange 2013 server onsite and then wishes to move across to another. In the previous platforms, we used to disable […]