Tenant Take Over

Lots of people are now moving to Office 365. How do you test run Office 365? Well, it is free to create a tenant and then add your domain. However, here is where the issue comes in is when you forget you have a tenant or do not remember the Global Admin account for the tenant and your primary domain has been added to the tenant. What also happens if you would like to add your primary domain to another tenant or there is equity scenario in process. Before you can setup a new tenant, There is a few steps in order to gain access to a lost tenant. This is called Tenant Take Over process.


  • Have access to the primary domain DNS
  • Have access to a mailbox @ the domain.


  • Proceed to the following website : https://app.powerbi.com
  • Create¬† a free trial account using your primary domain.
  • You will be sent a verification code. Hence ensure you have access to an email address of the primary domain.
  • Once you verify your account, you will be able to login to the PowerBI Portal.


  • When you setup the account, you will be able to login to PowerBI portal. This will then assign you a “Free PowerBI” license. Which will effectively create your account on the Azure Active Directory and also on the Office 365 portal.
  • Then process to the Office 365 Portal.
  • When you sign in, it will ask you to become an Admin for the domain. Accept it and you will now be Global Admin.

  • You now have to add a TXT Record to validate ownership

  • Once the validation process is completed, then you will be able to log into the Tenant and be a Global Admin.

  • Once you have access to the Tenant, proceed to “Setup”

  • Click on Domains

  • Locate the Domain which you want to “Remove”

  • Click on the Domain and you will have an option to “Remove”
  • If you have account/s setup with the primary domain, it will ask you to change all the attributes from the primary Domain to the domain.Onmicrosoft.com

  • Once you are happy and click “Remove”, the system upon removing will change the Dependencies for you.

  • Once it completes the removal process, you will get a notification that the domain has been successfully removed.


Now you will be able to add the domain under another tenant and proceed with the validation record and thereafter complete the setup.

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