SSH to a SonicWALL

Many of you network administrators who enjoys working on the command-line. Then when you see someone working off a GUI, you feel a bit superior because command-line is not for the feint hearted. I work across all brand of switches but what will always remain intact is understanding networking fundamentals. Even if you work in the different parts of the works, command-line or GUI, networking fundamentals will always be the same. Yet supportability from an Architecture based on vendors will be different. So we look at the SonicWALL. Very impressive product which has incorporated the multiple OSI layers in such a simple device.

Here is a quick reference of the OSI layers if you are not familiar with it.

Now here is how to get configure SSH access on the SonicWALL. You must decide which interface you would like to connect to via SSH. If you behind the firewall, recommend doing this on the internal interface and if you are accessing publicly, then the public interface would be recommended with an Access Rule over and above for long period of times.

  1. Log onto the firewall GUI interface
  • Once logged in, proceed to Manage > System Setup > Network > Interfaces
  • Select the interface and click Edit
  • Tick the SSH option to “enable” and click “ok”
  • You can use various applications to connect via SSH. I prefer Putty. Enter your IP (Public or Private), depending on how you connecting to the firewall and click “Open”
  • Enter the credentials for the firewall and your in.

Happy configuring.

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