SNMP Service Tab Missing

Have you ever wondered if you have setup SNMP Service. You enable the SNMP Service as a role or feature and then go the check the list of services and it is NOT there?

I have seen this a number of times but on the server OS. Here is how you can possibly resolve the issue and have the SNMP Service Tabs appear.

Open the “Server Manager” screen.

Select “Manage” in the top right corner and choose “Add Roles and Features

When “Add Roles and Features Wizard“. Click on “Server Selection” then the next options will become available. Then select “Features” if you have single server. Sometime if you managing multiple servers, it will populate in the list. Select the correct on.

On the Features, locate “Remote Server Administrator Tools” then “Feature Administration Tools“.

SNMP Service 0

Then enable or tick “SNMP Tools”.


Press Next. You may need to complete the configuration and the click confirm installation, the installation process starts. This will take a few minutes to complete.

SNMP Service 3

Once completed. Open the Service application. Locate the “SNMP Service” tab. Then open the properties of the tab and verify all the tabs are there.

Something small like this or perhaps administrators may not even think of looking into SNMP. Yet from a monitoring, it makes a world of difference. For all your IT admins. Remember, we online and the world is our pane. So why not have your network at the same pane.

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