Sharepoint – What is Restored During A Site Restoration?

In relation to the following blog :, It is not a one stop restore. Upon verifying, we noticed that the users permissions were not restored. When we attempted entering the site, we received an error that we do not have permissions and needs to request access. When you request for access, no email is receive by the approver. We will go through the process to restore the site admin ( give access to the site ). Then you will need to provide access to the other users. Therefore, you would need to use Powershell to gain access to the site.

Connect to the Sharepoint site via Powershell.

Run Get-SPOSite | Select URL,Status

This will display the available sites and confirm if they are available or not.

To set a record, you will need to use the Set command. Therefore, we will run a Set command:

Set-SPOUser -Site… -LoginName -IsSiteCollectionAdmin $True

You would not need to wait for propagation time. You should be able to access the site immediately. If you had other members, the restored permission will only be for site admins. You will need to re-invite the other users or set the groups which has access to the site.



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