Being an administrator, have you been in a situation whereby a client setup their mailbox as a POP and synced all their data down only find out they have an Exchange mailbox and now requires the data to be imported? Or a client migrates onto your platform and requires you to import. Firstly, if the PST is large, can take time. Then if it is extracted via Outlook (Dirty Export), there could be errors. What I mean by “Dirty Export”? When you export via Outlook, it does a great job of exporting but also exports the corrupt information. When you import via Exchange, it does a check during the import for corrupted items and that can lead to some data loss during the import or complete failure. Exchange 2019 has a functionality of integrating PST (Personal Mailbox files) with the users Outlook via the server. There are two main functions for this feature.

  1. PST Sync
  2. Linked PST Files

PST Sync

When a PST is uploaded, the files are named accordingly and synchronized between the DAG member servers. Hopefully you are running a DAG for redundancy.

Linked PST Files

If you have existing PST files linked, it will be automatically advertised by Autodiscover as Linked PST File

Once setup and configured, the users can access by going to the Outlook Web Access for example: https://<>/PSTSync

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