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Have you ever wondered when you read an email or click on it and move onto the next one, the previous is marked as read? Or turning on new email notification? Even to showing the BCC and From field? We all know this can be done in Outlook. But what happens when Outlook has it owns mind and stop doing the options. You can try repairing Outlook or even a re-installation. Rather than setting it Outlook, you can do these configurations on the Exchange server side. This is done via Powershell. A simple command which you can run to check the settings:

Get-MailboxMessageConfiguration User@domain.com

Outlook flags.png

If you look at the above screen shot. These flags are set on the server side. Once set here, the client would not matter as it would inherit the settings.

Important Flag:

  • RunspaceId : 5f1236e7-1ee2-44fb-91d2-606fa2edd4d3
  • AfterMoveOrDeleteBehavior : OpenNextItem
  • NewItemNotification : All
  • EmptyDeletedItemsOnLogoff : False
  • AutoAddSignature : False
  • SignatureText :
  • SignatureHtml        :
  • DefaultFontName : Tahoma
  • DefaultFontSize : 2
  • DefaultFontColor : #000000
  • DefaultFontFlags : Normal
  • AlwaysShowBcc : False
  • AlwaysShowFrom : False
  • DefaultFormat : Html
  • ReadReceiptResponse : DoNotAutomaticallySend
  • PreviewMarkAsReadBehavior : OnSelectionChange
  • PreviewMarkAsReadDelaytime : 5
  • ConversationSortOrder : ChronologicalNewestOnTop
  • ShowConversationAsTree : False
  • HideDeletedItems : False
  • SendAddressDefault :
  • MailboxOwnerId : GMS……Faeem@….
  • Identity : GMS……Faeem@….
  • IsValid                : True

In order to set the flags, you can run some of these example commands:

Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration <User@domain.com> -HideDeletedItems $true

Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration <User@domain.com> -AlwaysShowBcc $true

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