Outlook 2016 Temp Mailbox Error

Office 365 is taking the world by storm. However, the road is never smooth. Recently, we have come across a major bug issue which causes the Outlook profile to get corrupted. How this happens? When you setup Outlook, there are protocols it follows in order to auto detect the server location. What we have seen happening recently is when clients register an Office 365 account, they obtain the Office suite. This formally creates an account on Exchange Online. Now Outlook 2016, has the Auto detect option when setting a profile to connect to Office 365. Most of time the users will enter their password and shows connected. What happens in the back-end because the Outlook may use the same password as your local mail, it may try connect to the server. When you close Outlook and re-open, you may get a temp mailbox error:


There is a method which after troubleshooting, we found that works. It is a simple fix. All you need to do is add a Host-file entry for the Office 365 server. Enter this information in the host-file.            Outlook.Office365.com

This will divert any connection for that server to the loopback adaptor. Therefore no successful connection will be made. However, with the corrupted profile, unfortunately, will have to be reconfigured.


You can setup this as a .BAT file for auto input. To setup a .bat file, it simple, enter the below onto a notepad file.

echo outlook.office365.com>> c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\ETC\hosts

Then save the file with the following format .bat (Example hostfile.bat)

Run this file on the machine as Administrator and it will add the host-file entry.


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