OneCalendar App – Viewing Multiple Calendars

Calendar management has become a large part of everyone’s day to day guidance. With lots of people moving towards to Exchange Mailboxes. With Exchange Mailboxes comes calendar sharing. We have seen often whereby Outlook takes beating because you are sending emails, contacts and even maybe you have “Delegated Access”. For those who are not sure what is “Delegates Access“, it is when one person has full access to another user’s mailbox.

After doing some research I found a great application which is dedicated to managing calendar in one place. It is a 3rd party application but it is available in the Microsoft Store.

Upon testing, this Application can connect to Exchange via EWS. This is great for supportability going forward. Here are some of the features which I will highlight especially for the Exchange Administrators out there:

View and manage the following online calendars:

  • Windows Live
  • Google Calendar
  • Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Facebook
  • iCloud
  • WebCal
  • CalDAV

Key Features:

  • You can work Offline as well.
  • Management of Appointments which including Adding, Updating and deleting of Appointments
  • Here is a link to the OneCalendar App.
  • Simply add the accounts and combined all the calendars.


This application is dedicated to Calendar Management and as you know being dedicated, it is feature reach and also available in the store. Not to worry Android and IOS users, there is also a version available in the Playstore and Apple App Store.

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