Office 365 vs Microsoft 365

Office 365

Office 365 has traditional applications like Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint with Exchange Online mailboxes. You can also get add-ons. Then to expand, it is broken into plans. Business, Enterprise and Education.

Office 365 Business

It is a low cost plan to provide essentials services. However, this cannot be activate on Remote Desktop Services which most corporates are moving towards.

Office 365 Enterprise

E3 and E5 provide all Office suite applications including Pro-Plus security components and can support Shared Computer Activation which means it can be used to Remote Desktop Services. Multi-activation’s.

Microsoft 365

This is fairly new plan with bit of a higher cost. Cost implications is due to the additional components. It is simply traditional Office 365 with EMS (Enterprise Mobility & Security) and Windows 10 Enterprise licensing. Simple purchase this plan and when you login to the portal, the plans and applications will be available.

Microsoft 365 Business

This is for Small to Medium business deployments. This does NOT contain Pro-Plus, simple EMS and Windows Intune for management. Can support up to 300 users. This support Remote Desktop Services.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

This is a full pack suite. Contacts Business functions with additional security like ATP. E3/E5 plans with EMS / Windows 10 E license and AIP.

Microsoft 365 Education

This is for students. This plan comes at a low cost plan. These are the A plans. You pay per teacher licensing and the students attach at no cost.

I just mentioned a quick summary of the plans. Should be enough to understand and know your requirement.

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