Non-Profit Registration Process

This is the second part of the article relating to NPO licensing for Office 365. Here is a walk through during the registration process. Please note that you cannot use an existing tenant for this process. A new tenant needs to be created. I am not sure why but could be a result of fraud etc.  Once you click register, these are the next steps:

Some basic details which needs to be filled about the organization. Then we move on…

Enter the address / location of the client.

Then you will have a few options to enter how the organization is registered as an NPO. Select the option and enter the details. Once done, the NPO number should appear at the bottom.

Here is the part you require to create a new tenant. I have tried a few options of using an existing tenant but did not work. Unless there is a work around? However, proceed with creating a new tenant.

Then your process is completed. Then proceed to login into the Non-profit portal and on the home page, you will see this notification:

Here is an important information if you attempt to use an existing tenant and some regulations.

I would recommend reading this prior to setting up a tenant/s.

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