It has been a while since I had time to blog. I always being in and around with Exchange and Office 365. I have now taken a different approach while still working on Exchange and Office 365. Another aspects which has come to light in every industry is “Cyber Security”. Also how does that tie into Exchange/365? Well most of the time, the engineer would point out that it maybe a storage or networking related issue as appose to Exchange/365. Now it is time to play on the other side of the field as well as security. Combining both technology and run Exchange, Networking and Security end to end takes you one up. Therefore, to begin on the road to simple networking, here is how to basically access a switch, router or firewall:

  1. When you connect to the console port on a switch, you ill require a console cable.
  2. Upon connecting, ensure you have the correct settings in Putty.
  3. When you connect up, just hit the enter buttion a few times should get you in.
  4. If not, either the console port is shutdown or not responding, in which you will have to reboot the switch.
  5. Once in, most likely you will be in either read only mode or view only mode.
  6. Depending on the system, in order to go into configure mode, either use the following:

*Conf T

Then use the ?. Based on the information which is displayed, you will know if it is a fully managed switch or not. Oh, and also when the console port stops responding, a contributing factor is the firmware could be out dated and Java reliant. Stay tuned for more in Networking…..

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