Microsoft TEAMS – The look, The feel….

Microsoft Teams is bringing IM, storage, intranet into a central location. The application is available to download. If you attempt to go through the Microsoft Store, they have a desktop app which is still in preview phase ( BETA ). However, you can download the application at the following link:

Microsoft TEAMS

The installation steps are pretty much straight forward. Complete the installation and your ready to go. The nice part of the interface, it depicts the web browser version. So if you are used to using the web browser version, you will feel right at home. For those who are new to teams, just enjoy the look and feel.

The layout is nice and clean. Easy to navigate. We have few tabs on the left pane:


Here is where you can see notifications and what has been done on the application I.E removing, adding, changes etc.


TEAMS has an IM interface which allows you to get the same experience of Skype but integrated.

You can achieve private chats and private calling.


This will display all the groups you have created. You can manage your groups here and it will display a history and current tasks which are taking place within the groups.


You can setup meetings and select a group to meet in. Then you can invite members. So when upon joining the group, attendees will meet in that group. It is a nice feel with a little upgrade to how meetings are scheduled as appose to the traditional method.


I have all my documents uploaded into the One Drive cloud. I can see all my files and share them directly with other members. Work off the documents as well as others.

You can also add multiple additional Cloud Storage to the platform.


The 3 dots allows you to manage additional integrated applications such as One Note, Planner , who ,Stream and Wiki.


Here is where the additional fun begins. You can integrate selected applications into team makings it a central collaboration point.

Let me know your thoughts and experience. Happy collaborating.


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