Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

With a lot of consumers moving into the cloud. Office 365 has been prepared to assist in configuring, migrating and also troubleshooting. Not a lot of people I came across during issues with Office 365, either setup, configuring a profile or recreating a profile uses this tool but has been there for some time.  The tool is called Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365.

As an Administrator, when we have an issue, we start with the basics. We check DNS, check the profile, size of the OST, Windows updates, AV, OS version etc. That can take a bit of time and clients always believe time is money. Therefore, especially if the client is Office 365, I would recommend using this tool to speed up the process, where it will run checks against all of the above and provide you with a report.

Here are some of the issues which this tool covers:

  • Outlook stop’s responding
  • Outlook keeps asking for my password
  • Outlook keeps saying “Trying to Connect..” or Disconnected
  • I can’t activate Office
  • I can’t sync my files with OneDrive

It even goes as far as assisting with problems with other Office applications like in the following scenarios:

  • I can’t sign into Skype for Business
  • My Active sync is not working on my mobile device
  • I can’t install, connect, or enable Dynamics 365 for Outlook

NOTE: The above mention issues are just some of what the application can help to point you in the direction or resolving issues.

Office 365 Diagnostic Tool

Simple steps to run through. Download the application and install / Run it.

How the tool works?

You will be prompted with a menu like this:

Select the issues based on the type and then select the issue you are having:

The application will run through the checks and let you know where the issue maybe:

Happy troubleshooting. It is one of the most frustrating time but in the end, you will definitely learn more.

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