Meeting Invites Tracking Not Updating

When you work in an environment whereby meetings controls the base operations of your company, it is imperative to ensure who is coming for the meeting is important as well as the boardroom which you have selected has Accepted or Declined. Meeting you know if the room is available. I had assisted a client whereby a specific meeting room was not displaying the response of the Boardroom.

Here are some of the tests which we had done:

We created a new boardroom on the Exchange Online. I assigned delegates rights to test the meetings. Then sent a calendar meeting and it accepted it. When I check the tracking receipt, it then showed accepted.

Then I sent another meeting room invite for the same time and then received a declined. You will receive an email in your inbox. Once you receive the email, when you check the “Tracking”, it should show that the meeting has been Accepted or Declined.

]Upon researching, I found that “Flags” gets amended in Outlook, so when you open the “Tracking” tab, if will show you. However, you may get times whereby the Tracking will not show anything or state “None”.

These are the 4 “Flags” which controls that view:

Flags: respNone
Flags: respAccepted
Flags: respDeclined
Flags: respTentative

You will need to check the system. Here is a step by step guide:

Check Flag Status in Outlook

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