Locating ActiveSyncDevices

Today we look at how to identify mobile devices connecting to a mailbox. When we talk about ActiveSyncDevices, it any mobile devices I.E IPADS, Phones, PDA’s etc. When you decide to configure your email on the units, you configure them through an application. During the process, you get a security prompt to allow full device access. When you click “Yes”, Exchange is then obtaining all the information. We will go through a few commands to view this information.

So firstly, you would need to log onto the Exchange Management Shell. Then run the following:

Get-ActiveSyncdevice –Mailbox <user@domain.com>

This will display a list ActiveSyncDevice connected to this mailbox. There will be a lot of information. Let us look at simplifying the command.

Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics –Mailbox User@Domain.com

This command emphasizes on more information on the device/s which is connected to a mailbox.

Now we need to get less information but most important ones.

Get-ActiveSyncdeviceStatistics –Mailbox User@domain.com | Select DeviceType,DeviceID,DeviceUserAgent,DeviceModel,DeviceFriendlyName,Lastsynctime,

So in this case those are the information I required. Now you can see, the DeviceType “Outlook” is stating that an Outlook Application has been configured to this mailbox. Unfortunately, it does not say what device, IP or model of the phone is this could be a security within the Outlook Application. Install an open source application and connect it to the mailbox. You will get more information right down to the Device IMEI number. Once again, that information is sent when you allow security settings during the setup process.



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