HP 1900 Series Switch – VLAN overview

We going to look at the HP 1900 series switches and how to configure and manage VLANs. It is actually very simple but if you are new to it or reading through some complicated article….well, you may not like it but let’s see if we can make very simple.

What is a VLAN?

VLAN is an isolation of a network. VLAN is also known as Frame Tagging. Salute to Cisco for bring this to the world.

What is a Trunk port?

Think of this as a highway for VLANs. It allows VLAN traffic to travel to and from.

What is an Access port?

It is a port designated with a specific VLAN.

Now we going to look at how to add a VLAN, Tag, unTag and remove it on a 1900 switch.

When logging onto the switch, you can use a browser for this. Locate the IP. Once onto the switch, to login, you would require an Admin username, password and verification code.

Once in, on the left hand side, you will have menu’s. Go to Network

Under Network > VLAN

You will have multiple Tabs.

“Select VLAN” – You select a VLAN or all. It will display the VLAN/s and all the ports Tagged.

“Create” – Here you can create a VLAN and name

“Port Detail” – You select a single or multiple ports to see Tagged, Untagged, PVID etc. details.

“Modify Port” – You can modify a single / multiple ports. (Tagging/Untagging/PVID/Not a member)

“Remove” – Here you can remove a VLAN which you no longer require.

So this is a basic run through the VLAN section. In a related article, I will go through how to connect a SonicWALL firewall to an HP switch. I found that that HP switches reads the packets easier than other brands and works well with the SonicWALL firewall.

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