How to Migrate OneDrive Personal to OneDrive for Business

A lot of users have Personal version of OneDrive. Now with Office 365 becoming larger into the South African market, users are now going onto the OneDrive for Business. Now you may ask yourself, how do I move my data from OneDrive Personal to OneDrive Business?

Well there are 2 ways in which this can be done. The one way is from the web portal. You can sign in to Office 365 Portal on one browser with your OneDrive Personal Account and on another browser, login with the OneDrive for Business Account. You then can copy download the data and upload it onto the OneDrive for Business Account.  The one issue I have notice with this method is that the browser caching limit. Due to sometimes you may copy large data, due to inactivity, the connection closes which can be an issue. The other issue that when the connection drops, you have to then check where you stop and restart.

The second option is to add the One Drive for Business Account onto your machine. Then you can back up the data to an external drive and move it across.

Here is how to add your OneDrive for Business Account:

You should have your One Drive Personal Account setup.

  • Right click on the “OneDrive” folder and click  on “Settings

  • You will have multiple tab. Select the “Account” and click “Add an Account

  • Enter your OneDrive for Business Email Address

  • Enter the “Password” for the “OneDrive for Business

  • Choose the location of where the “OneDrive for Business” should be setup. Default location is fine.

  • Go through the welcome note and then you are setup.

  • You should have dual accounts in your file explorer

  • If you have a little data, you can copy from the “OneDrive Personal” to the “OneDrive for Business”.



If you have a lot of data, copy the data to an external drive. Then confirm if the data is the same amount. Remove the data from your “OneDrive Personal” and then copy it to the “OneDrive for Business”. The reason for this method is if you do not have enough hard drive space. If you copy and paste from one account to another, it will duplicate the data on your machine and use double of the space.


It is a simple process to move your data from OneDrive Personal to OneDrive for Business. However, if you have a large amount of data, I would recommend backing up the data to an external drive and then cut and move the data to the other sync drive to avoid space duplication. If you have a large enough hard drive, then you can copy from to the other and when you are happy, remove the old data.



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