Exchange Mail Queues

Often when administrating Exchange, we use the GUI to check the queues. Now and again if the GUI becomes unresponsive or does not work, how do you check? Using the Exchange Powershell, you will be able to view the “Mail Queues“. If you have a large number of HUB servers, from the GUI, you will be going onto a server, checking and going onto another server. Therefore, Exchange Powershell becomes more scale-able.

There are simple commands which we will look at so you maybe able to get the queues quickly and efficiently.

Here are the what the scripts does:

  1. The first script does a Message Count and get any queues over “50“.
  2. The second queue checks the “NextHopDomain” which means to check after the emails goes through the Pick up Directory¬† and knows where to send it.
  3. The third script get a list of “Submission Queues” which can be helpful if you are having them.

The scripts can be used for Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 and possibly 2016. However the filter’s may vary. I would like to detail a little about the 3 scripts.

Script One

This gets the Message Count over 50. However, that it what I used based on the environment I am in. You may want to change it to suite your requirements.

Script Two

This scripts checks the “NextHopDomain“. This is best used for when you are sending out emails via the internet or smarthost. You will be able to check the exact numbers of emails in the queue based on the NextHopDomain. This is vital especially when you sending out to multiple recipients. Sometime the queues can build up due to Smarthost not accepting or recipients mail server not accepting.

Script Three

This scripts check the “Submission Queues” messages that have to be resolved, routed, and processed by transport agents.

Here is the link to the scripts:

Mail Queues



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