Exchange 2010 Active Sync Protocol

I thought I would share some information on Exchange Active Sync. I came across whereby a client wanted to know
why they are not able to view an attachment in the calendar meeting via a mobile device, however, by going to the
Outlook or Outlook Web Access, it works. This test was done in an Exchange 2010 environment.

Tests Which was Administered:

1. Outlook 2016
2. Outlook Web Access
3. Android – Outlook Application
4. Iphone IOS

Outlook 2016

We began testing by creating an appointment with a PDF. This was sent internally on an Exchange 2010 environment.
The recipients received the email and accepted it. We then looked at the Calendar item within Outlook and was able to see
and open the attachment. We then opened up the initial email and same applied, successfully opening the attachment.

Outlook Web Access

We attempted the same tests as above but from Outlook Web Access. The calendar item and email, both we were able to open
the attachment.

Android – Outlook Application

The application works great. However, because the meeting was accepted via the Outlook, The calendar item was there.
But now we were only able to see the item and no attachment.

Iphone – IOS

Same tests administered. The email, you can open and see the attachment. The calendar item was just the item and no attachment.

From some research, these were our findings:

The Active Sync Protocol which connects to Exchange 2010 does not support download of attachment to any client
which is using the Protocol. However, this may have been resolve in Exchange 2016. One of your questions you may have in mind,
Why are you still using Exchange 2010?“. I am in an environment whereby we have a front-end managing Exchange Components.
The application vendors needs to support all functionalities before upgrading.


Therefore, using Outlook and Outlook Web Access with Exchange 2010, you should be able to see the Attachment, however,
If you are using a device with Active Sync Protocol to connect to Exchange 2010, well will only be able to see the calendar item
and no attachment.

Here is an article which assist us in the testing.


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