Enabling an Auto-reply (Out Of Office)

As an Administrator on Exchange, we need from time to time to assist a user/s with adding an Out of Office for them. Usually, we would recommend the user/s to add it via Outlook. However, there are cases whereby we have to do it. How to we get access to Web Access or the mailbox without the password. We do not want to breach security.

Here is a script to run on the Exchange Powershell. This will set the Out of Office for the user/s. A user/s always expects the spacing and correct format. I have tried various scripts and could not attain the results as this does the job and easy. It is simple, set the parameters for internal message and external message. You will be creating a variable. Then set the out off office pointing to the parameters. You can use multiple line breaks in order to space correctly.

This can be done for a single user or bulk. Here is the link to the script: Out of Office Script

This made life so much easier. End result can still be viewed through the users Outlook or Outlook Web Access.

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