Disabling an Exchange Online Plan

Office 365

Exchange online is Office 365 mailbox service plans. There are two service plans: Exchange Online (Plan 1) and Exchange Online (Plan 2). Microsoft over the last 6 months has added additional licensing which is binded with the Exchange Online Plans. These plans are: Outlook Customer Manager and Microsoft Bookings.

Let start out by when you need to turn off Exchange Online Plan. You may ask, “why would I need to turn off the Exchange plan?”. Firstly, when going onto Office 365 is you ask yourself, what is reason for? If you are planning to go online for just the Office suite, Office suite with Add-ons or fully migrating to Office 365.

In order to disable the Exchange Online plans, you will have to disable to two add-on.

Method 1:

You can log onto your tenant with the Global Admin account

Click on “users” and “Active users”

Click on the user and the side bar will open

Click on the License and select “edit”

Then click on the “blue” switches to turn on or off

Method 2:

The next option will be to use Powershell.

  • Connect to Exchange Online by going through the Powershell module.
  • You can run the following command in Office 365 to get the AccountSkuID. The SKUID, is how you verify the licensing:


AccountSkuId                             ActiveUnits WarningUnits ConsumedUnits

————                             ———– ———— ————-

solutions:POWER_BI_PRO        0           0            2

solutions:AAD_BASIC           100         0            0

solutions:WINDOWS_STORE       1000000     0            0

solutions:ENTERPRISEPACK      0           0            1

solutions:FLOW_FREE           10000       0            2

solutions:PROJECTPREMIUM      0           0            0

solutions:POWER_BI_STANDARD   1000000     0            1

solutions:INTUNE_A            0           0            1

solutions:EMS                 0           0            1

solutions:PROJECTPROFESSIONAL 0           0            0

The above are the SKUID’s.

  • The next script will disable the plans. Note that the plans naming convention is not very friendly as from the GUI. This script is to create a variable.
  • $Plans = New-MsolLicenseOptions -AccountSkuId <ID> -DisabledPlans “<Plan1>”, “<Plan2>”
  • Then you will run the next command incorporating the above variable. The variable is like creating multiple IF statement, then the final script will look at the variables.
  • Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName <user@domain.com> -LicenseOptions $Plans

The variable $Plans is just what I used. You can use any variable which you prefer.

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