Did the Internet Disconnect?

Have you ever wondered when you have an application relying internet services to work but often there are drops or dips in the connection. You call the support and they say, “no issue with the application and it is your internet connection”. I ran into this issue whereby an application kept dropping connection and we had to determine if it was the Internet connection or the application has an issue or something else.

Today I would like to run through how you can view the Windows Event logs to verify if there was an internet connection drop / disconnect or an application may be of an issue. After some research I found that logs in Windows which keep a track of the networking changes as well as anything that happens on the machine. This is more particular to the Internet connection.

Open Windows Event Viewer

Logs location: Applications and Service logs > Microsoft > Windows > UniversalTelemetryClient > Operational

The event ID you should be looking for “Internet connection” is 55.

Right Click on “Filter Current Log”

Enter “55” in the ID.

It will display all the Event ID 55.

Correlate the timeframe with the time you may have had application drops. This may give you insight to whether the connection really dropped or application disconnected for other reasons.

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