Create A MIcrosoft TEAMS Group and Sharing It

Sharing for Microsoft TEAMS launch the feature in September. This will allow other TEAMS externally to connect to your group and vice versa. It is a simple process.

Log onto Once you have logged in, on the top left hand side, you will 9 dots. Click on that and it will display other applications which you are eligible for. Select “TEAMS“.


On the bottom left hand side, select to “join or create a group”. Click on the “wheel icon“.

Select “create a team

Fill in the highlighted sections.


You have a few privacy permission which you can set. Based on your requirements

Add the required members into the group. These are internal users. In order to add external user, you need to complete creating the group then allow external sharing.

Once the groups has been created. You can now manage them.

To manage the group, select the 3 dots and then select “Manage Team

To share the team, select the “Settings” tab. The you can setup the “Guest Permissions” and “Team Code


To generate the Team code, select the “Team Code” and the n click “Generate

Supply the external team members to join the group directly with the code generated.

You can also send “IM” and communicate with the team.




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