Configuring WAN Interface Access on VM Firewall

When configuring a firewall virtual machine, it can become complex or difficult if you are not used to working on CLI or have to configure the links before even accessing the device. Usually a hardware device would just require the WAN port to be plugged in as well as the LAN. You can login via the LAN and it should get the default address for the unit. When you bring up a VM, it is just bare metal with no configurations. Therefore, you need to login to the VM via the console of the platform you are using. I am going to reference VMware as it my preferred Hypervisor platform currently.

How to deploy a Fortigate on VMware? I will attach a link to this as soon as possible.

Steps to follow when configuring a VM:

  • Access the VM console
  • Username: admin
  • Password: blank
  • It will request you to setup a new password. Type in your new password and confirm
  • Once logged in , run the following commands to setup public access in this instance.

config system interface
 edit port1
  set mode static
  set ip <Public IP Public Subnet>
 append allowaccess http


config router static
 edit 1
  set device port1
  set gateway <class_ip>

config system dns
 set primary <Primary DNS server>
 set secondary <Secondary DNS server>

The basic principle of the above is the public IP, Gateway and DNS. This should get you access via the public IP onto the device. Should you wish to test connectivity, you run the following:

Execute ping <Gateway IP>

Execute ping <for example, Google DNS>

Once you get successful replies, it means internet connectivity is successful.

Happy configuring.

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