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In Sharepoint Online, when you create a group, it created it through Office 365 / Azure AD. If you would like to change the email address, it cannot be done in Sharepoint Online. You cannot even change the address as well via the GUI ( ). The only way this can be edited is via Powershell. Here are the steps in order to accomplish changing the group email address this:


  1. Connect to the tenant via Powershell: Connect via Powershell
  2. Once you are logged in, you first check for the group you are looking for by running the following: Get-group <Group name>
  3. Because it is created by SharePoint Online, you will need to use the UnifiedGroup command-let: Get-UnifiedGroup

      4. This will display only groups created from SharePoint Online. Then run: Get-UnifiedGroup <Group Name> | fl

5. This will display all the attributes for the group. You will need to set the following attributes in order to change the email address:

  • PrimarySMTPAddress
  • EmailAddress

6. Here are the commands to change the above attributes:

  • Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity “<Group Name>” -PrimarySmtpAddress “<New Email Address>”
  • Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity “<Group Name>” -alias “<New Email Address>”

The changes may take sometime to replicate. Thereafter, you will be able to see the change on the portal (





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