Autoconfiguration DHCP IPv4 issue

Have you installed a new Server OS or Windows OS and when you assign a static IP, then attempt connecting to the internet but says “no internet”? Then you run a command to check the IP (Start >Run > cmd > ipconfig) and see your static IP and auto configuration IP showing a 169.x.x.x address?

This simply means that the DHCP client service is running in the background and attempting to receive a DHCP addresses over above the static IP.

In the CMD pane, run the following to get a list of network adapters: netsh interface ipv4 show inter

Then run the following : netsh interface ipv4 set interface <IDX> dadtransmits=0 store=persistent

The IDX is the “interface” which is having the autoconfiguration set.

Then go to “services.msc” and locate the DHCP client service. Stop the services and disable if required. Ensure you have your static IP set.

I disabled and re-enabled the NIC and which resolved the issue. I then checked the network adapter and confirm the settings.

Internet services worked immediately.

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