Sharepoint – What is Restored During A Site Restoration?

In relation to the following blog :, It is not a one stop restore. Upon verifying, we noticed that the users permissions were not restored. When we attempted entering the site, we received an error that we do not have permissions and needs to request access. When you request […]

Sharepoint – Restoring A Site Collection

Microsoft has the GUI which you can administer the Sharepoint site, however there are times which certain functionality cannot be performed. Example like the “deleted site collections”. A request came in to restore the site. Upon logging onto the portal ( Sharepoint Admin Site ), under the recycle bin, the […]

OneDrive Combating Against Ransomware

Ransomware is becoming more into the South African market. Lots of vendors are attempting to assist in remediation and prevention process. I would like to shed some light on how OneDrive has implemented the Ransomware Detection into their systems. Microsoft has implemented a 4 step process. When Office 365 detects […]

Office 365 Single Sign-On IDSYNC

Office 365 offers a native tool using ADConnect to sync your username and password in the cloud. I have come across whereby the forest has to be the same the primary email address which make it difficult in some cases as clients generally setup @local domain. There are also many […]

How To Reset Office Activation State?

There are lots of users moving to Office 365. This will become a common issue whereby users will no longer require their OEM version or Retail version of Office and move over to the subscription based Office product. I came across where a client had moved from HOMEPREM to BUSINESSPREM […]

Meeting Invites Tracking Not Updating

When you work in an environment whereby meetings controls the base operations of your company, it is imperative to ensure who is coming for the meeting is important as well as the boardroom which you have selected has Accepted or Declined. Meeting you know if the room is available. I […]

How To Migrate From Exchange 2010 To Office 365?

I would like to discuss on “How to Migrate from Exchange 2010 to Office 365?”. We will be going through the straight cut over process. This will entail setup of the Microsoft Tenant, mirroring the settings across, changing of DNS records and lastly data migration. Let us look further into […]

OneCalendar App – Viewing Multiple Calendars

Calendar management has become a large part of everyone’s day to day guidance. With lots of people moving towards to Exchange Mailboxes. With Exchange Mailboxes comes calendar sharing. We have seen often whereby Outlook takes beating because you are sending emails, contacts and even maybe you have “Delegated Access”. For […]